Samurai Vaults

The Samurai Vault is a feature which enables Samurai NFT Node holders and xHNR governance token holders to lock up the ERC-20 token along with the NFT (ERC-721) in the smart contract outlined below. The feature would effectively store and retain the provided tokens and NFTs for a pre-determined period of time (also referred to as lockup period) and release an incentive upon the Vault's maturity period (unlock time). The incentive were comprised of a boosted xHNR governance token reward rate being dispersed at the Vault's maturity period.

Vaults Max Capacity Reached

Claim Voting Escrow xHNR

If your NFT nodes & xHNR tokens were locked into a vault, you may be eligible to claim vexHNR

Unlock the Vaults

Remaining Blocks
0 (lockup period)
Target Block Maturity
0 (unlock time)
Remaining Blocks (Lockup Period)
0 (xHNR per Block)

Once the remaining blocks pass and the final target block is reached, you will be able to unlock your xHNR and node NFTs.